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Jai Paul


Someone ought to play this track at tonight’s New Year’s festivities. A favorite song of mine in college remixed for today. Too cool. Have a beautiful 2014, everyone!

Fast Forward Please: Febfest 2014 can’t come any sooner.

Fast Forward Please: Febfest 2014 can’t come any sooner.


Song Perfect: Chamakay by Blood Orange

It seems Dev Hynes can do no wrong these days. Everything he’s come out with in the past year or so has gotten me obsessed. The guy has a deft and unmistakeable touch, and his songs are effortlessly cool. This track, from his upcoming album Cupid Deluxe, is no exception. Here he teams up with Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek and the result is sublime. I love it.



Michael C. Morco

Rains, and—
curtained or hemmed
in—we are
as two stable
creatures might
be: part sleeping,
part useless

such hay
no longer privilege
or even mess, that

if there were
a game where
as if naming horses we
named each other, you would
perhaps say Tail’s Ends
Brushing as I perhaps would
Sweet Disrepair.

Short of saying
we are blameless
as rain—neither care
nor lack
of it—is as it does.

Or hooves, if love
passing had them, in
any of their
motions, in some
sort of running or running

We who will—
or apart—not
be winning any
races now.



FKA Twigs - Water Me

I’ve never heard/heard of this artist before today, but boy, what a stunning introduction. The song is both simple and complexly layered. The video is spare and strange and riveting. Wow. Definitely looking forward to hearing more, but for today, it’s all about this song.


Perfect Listen: Body Music by AlunaGeorge

After just one full but very satisfying listen, I can say that Body Music will be among my most favorite albums this year. There doesn’t seem to be any misstep here: one strong track filled follows another in this 19-song affair. If anything, there might just be too many songs, and the album could’ve benefited from even tighter editing. But I am certainly NOT complaining. I love every minute of it.

Stream Body Music in its entirety here. An enchanted time will be had by all.


"Rebirth" by Yuck

New song from Yuck’s upcoming second album. It’s been a constant  listen since I heard it on Indiebon last weekend. The 90s are really here to stay.


Model Perfect: Max Wallis


In an ideal world, an extremely goodlooking man shouldn’t be publishing poetry, too. Not fair. Or maybe, in an ideal world, everyone would be a model writing poetry. I don’t know which is better, but the existence of Max Wallis—introduced to me through this Mr. Porter feature— makes me question the concept of justice just a little bit.

His poetry appears to be widely-praised, and although I find it to be uneven, there’s a definite voice in it. The preoccupation is modern love, and Mr Wallis references the way we use technology in our relationships well and judiciously.

My favorite poem, below, illustrates his easy but effective way with language and his sense of imagery. It’s wonderful.

Allow yourself this one day

hungover from love. To sit in your sad cocoon
bed-lain on lemon bon bon sheets and sick with ache,
cuddling your bones. Let the day roll into night.
Do not fret about the red numbers in your account,
about deadlines and business worries; pick up three
books and do not read them. Wallow in coffee,
or simply nothing, as you tap-tap through Twitter feeds
and text messages and nonsense mad thoughts.
Let yourself reek with the unwash of sleep-sweats
and salt tears. Eat the mirror on your wall.
Play the unhappy songs that in bed you kissed,
had sex, made love to, that time, when sex became
heart-bare: skintouched, and those eyes.

Tomorrow you can sit in the warmth of a bath
clean your nails, pluck your brow, shave off the fluff;
eat, drink, clean your room of your last meals
and bed-locked naked picnics. Tomorrow you can sail
in fresh linen and clothes, listen to happy songs
with no meaning but pop-tones, through a new day;
today is today, this day, my love.


Because I’m feeling cheated that I’m in Manila, and Maison Kitsuné is bringing Is Tropical to Hong Kong on Friday. This risqué video goes straight into the hyper-imaginative and sexual mind of an adolescent boy.

Daft Punk

—Get Lucky

The title, the artist, the track speak for themselves. All I can is, finally!